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Agronomy Feeds the World


The following modules are provided by ASA to use in the classroom! A special thanks goes out to PlantingScience for developing these materials for ASA.

Grade levels: Middle and high school biology, agriculture, AP biology, environmental science, AP environmental science, horticulture, botany, and other life science electives.

Class Time: A four-week investigation will allow enough time to complete the guided and open inquiry lab.

Teacher Guides:

Agronomy Feeds the World: Teacher's Guide- Provides an overview of how Agronomy Feeds the World can be implemented in the classroom.  The guide also shares how these modules can incorporate Next Generation Science Standards.

Experimental Design for Guided Inquiry- Use this activity in your classroom to help students practice the Scientific Method before diving deeper into the lessons!

Lesson Modules:

Key Concept #1: Field to Table

Key Concept #2: Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility

Key Concept #3: Geography and Water

Key Concept #4: Plant Stresses

Key Concept #5: Plant Measurements