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World’s Top Ten Food Crops – Quiz

Top 10 Food Crops


Directions: Match the description with the correct crop. Each crop only matches with one description.

  1. By weight, which crop is the world’s most produced grain?
  2. What grain covers more of Earth’s surface than any other crop?
  3. Half of the world’s population depend on which grain as a                                               A. Sorghum
    staple? (Hint: China, Indonesia, India, and Thailand produce the                                      B. Cassava
    majority of this crop.)                                                                                                           C. Wheat
  4. What cool climate crop comes in hundreds of varieties and                                             D. Soybean
    colors?                                                                                                                                    E. Potato
  5. What starchy root provides the bulk of calories in poor regions                                       F. Corn
    of Africa and is poisonous if eaten raw?                                                                              G. Sweet Potato
  6. What is the only staple crop to contain all of the proteins                                                 H. Yam
    essential to a human diet?                                                                                                    I. Plantain
  7. Produced mainly in Asia, what root varies in color from orange                                        J. Rice
    to white and is an excellent source of vitamins A and C. 
  8. What grain can grow in hot, arid environments that are too
    harsh for other staple crops to thrive? (Hint: This grain is a diet
    staple of the poor in Asia, Africa, and Central America.)
  9. What tuber can grow to nearly five feet in length?
  10. What tropically grown crop is a perennial?

Extra Credit

Match the photos of the seeds or tubers with the question and answer!

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Grain Photos: USDA