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Top Ten Food Crops - Answers

Top 10 Food Crops

Answer 1: F. Corn 
It’s a staple food, and it has tremendous genetic diversity and can grow in a wide range of climates.
(Extra Credit: Photo #7)

Answer 2: C. Wheat
It’s called the staff of life because of its importance in bread-making.
(Extra Credit: Photo #1)

Answer 3: J. Rice
China, Indonesia, India, and Thailand produce the majority of this crop, which grows in humid tropical climates.
(Extra Credit: Photo #8)

Answer 4: E. Potato
Russia and China lead in production of this starchy tuber that grows from “eyes,” dormant buds in the potato’s underground stem, rather than seeds like most commercial food crops.
(Extra Credit: Photo #2)

Answer 5: B. Cassava
Also known as manioc and yucca, this starchy root can tolerate drought and poor soils.
(Extra Credit: Photo #3)

Answer 6: D. Soybean
It’s adaptable to a wide range of soils and climates and is grown around the world.
(Extra Credit: Photo #10)

Answer 7: G. Sweet Potato
Often confused with the yam, this starchy root grows in tropical climates.
(Extra Credit: Photo #4)

Answer 8: A. Sorghum
Also called milo, it can be boiled and eaten like rice or ground into flour.
(Extra Credit: Photo #9)

Answer 9: H. Yam
It’s a domesticated crop in Africa, Asia, and South America, with West Africa producing and consuming most of the world’s yams.
(Extra Credit: Photo #6)

Answer 10: I. Plantain
It resembles the banana, but it’s starchier than its sweet cousin and is cooked before eating.
(Extra Credit: Photo #5)


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