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We have developed a brochure on Careers in Agronomy that takes you through what is agronomy, what is an agronomist, how you become an agronomist, career paths, and preparing for a career.

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There are many videos available to give you insight into the avenues within agronomy as a career.  Check these out!

  • Check out our Agronomy @ Work video series to learn what it is like to be an agronomist!  These videos share diverse career possibilities in agronomy, including:
    • Precision Agriculture Scientist- Ray Asebedo
    • Weed Scientist- Anita Dille
    • Soil Scientist & Agronomist- David Weindorf
    • Agronomist & Water Quality Engineer- Laura Christianson
  • Hear from undergrads and grad students on why they are choosing careers in agronomy and similar fields - Feed, Nourish, Thrive 

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MarkEdgeweb.jpgRead the stories of some of our agronomists – how they became agronomists, a day in their lives, and what they like about this special career.

Career Profiles

Career Stories

Colleges and Universities - View the list of colleges and universities with courses and programs in the agronomic, crop, soil, and environmental sciences.  We've even indicated the schools with undergraduate clubs.

When I Grow Up is a free educator resource that provides lessons and activities for 6th-8th grade students, based on the nine Ag career areas, from the American Farm Bureau Foundation.